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London Offices Arent Refilling Fast Enough for Shops Relying on Them. The British government and business lobby want workers to return to support surrounding businesses, but some city offices are only 15 percent full. Jessica Davies. An article on 12 January 2010 about the murder trial of Jessica Davies - in which she was found guilty of stabbing Olivier Mugnier to death in her Paris flat - said that she had joined him in smoking cannabis on the night of the murder. In fact tests for cannabis after her arrest proved negative. Let fans back! Premier League tell Government to get grounds open after cancelling all test events. In a strongly-worded statement, the Premier League condemned the Government's strict limit on numbers as insufficient to properly test fans' safety. Jamie O'Hara says Leeds are getting 'overhyped' and slams fans ahead of their Premier League return. Leeds are preparing for their first Premier League campaign since they were relegated 16 years ago. Their start couldn't get any tougher, facing champions Liverpool on Saturday night. New Hikes in Sonoma. A new trail in California will give hikers access to parts of Sonoma Mountain for the first time. Endless Summer vs. Hurry-Up Fall. New season, new concerns, new ways of coping. Takeaways are urged to cut back on portion sizes to help tackle obesity. Public Health England is asking the food industry to cut the calorie content of a large range of products by 2024.They want the fat, sugar and salt levels slashed in many fast foods and ready meals. Chiefs Beat Texans, 34-20, in N.F.L. Opening Game. Kansas Citys fans are among the loudest in pro football. But the celebratory start to their season silenced game rituals and drew mixed opinions on players protests of racial injustice. A Line of Fire South of Portland and a Yearslong Recovery Ahead. Firefighters continued to battle blazes along the West Coast that have now charred nearly five million acres. At least 17 people are dead, with dozens still missing. Jane Birkin's enchanting diaries reveal How long does it take to get a letter from the IRS Is Phantom of the Opera on Netflix a British girl became a French superstar. From the start, Jane Birkin's tone is engaging and endearing and full of insecurities. Aged 14, she is teased by her fellow schoolgirls for being flat-chested. 'You're a boy not a girl,' they say. Husband whose wife is in care has been allowed to see her for just three hours since lockdown began. While restrictions have eased across the country, huge numbers of these vital facilities are still in lockdown, refusing or drastically limiting visits. And, How does the Phantom of the Opera disappear at the end Why is global citizenship education needed it seems there is no end in sight. Scientists urge Covid-19 patients to quarantine away from their pets. Researchers from the Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan took blood samples from 141 cats between January and March - 102 after the COVID-19 outbreak and 39 prior to its emergence. HIV positive accused paedophile Jadd William Brooker has bail revoked in Adelaide. Jadd William Brooker, 38, has been charged with multiple counts of disseminating and possessing child exploitation material between December 2015 and August this year. CRAIG BROWN Apocalyptic loons are a staple of the Left and Right. Nowadays, climate change has taken over from nuclear war as the main focus of angst, but if you don't believe in climate change, there Are Disney Sing Along Songs on Disney+ Who is my congressional representative plenty of other fears to fall back on. Naomi Osaka sports a Tamir Rice face mask as she makes come back and beats Azarenka at Does the 2nd Amendment only apply to militias Where do I send my 1040 V US Open. Naomi Osaka added to her trophies from the 2018 U.S. Open -- earned with a brilliant performance against Serena Williams -- and 2019 Australian Open.

Birmingham health chief says city's outbreak has spread in households. Dr Justin Varney, Director of Public Health in Birmingham, said the city was facing a number of small clusters caused by people meeting in each others' homes. Beirut port ablaze, weeks after massive blast. A huge blaze broke out in Beirut's port on Thursday, just weeks after a massive blast at the same site laid waste to the capital city, killing nearly 200 people. A Global Health Star Under Fire. Former and current employees accuse Dr. Lucica Ditiu, leader of Stop TB, of harassment and bullying. The complaints threaten to slow prevention efforts worldwide. Climate change 'could trigger spread of fatal mosquito-borne diseases'. Disease-carrying mosquito species, such as theyellow fever mosquito, are attracted to the excess surrounding heat generated by cities. The Fire Compounding Misery at the Lesbos Camp, in Photos. Thousands were displaced by fires at Europes largest refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos this week. From Six Degrees From Jamie And Spencer to Unfinished This week's top podcasts. It's said we're all six or fewer social connections away from one another. Fashion Clean Cuts. Seriously slick tailoring for the ultimate in back-to-school cool.


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