Trio Samples (Elec. Piano, Bass, Drums):
        If I Should Lose You
        In Other Words
Duo Sample (Piano, Bass):
        Young & Foolish
Solo Piano Samples:
        You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Hot Tomatoes with Derek Evilsizor (Boulder WWII Ball, June,2013)

This video of Derek Evilsizor performing THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT with the Hot Tomatoes was recorded June 16, 2013
at the 1940s WWII Ball in Boulder, Colorado.

MJO 2014 Concert Series at Dazzle

YouTube links (MJODenver) --

          Becky Martin: Becky Martin - Dazzle (6/16/2014)

          Denis DiBlasio: Denis DiBlasio - Dazzle (6/29/2014)

          Steve Wiest: Steve Wiest - Dazzle (10/13/2014)

Hot Tomatoes with Cami Thompson (Sun Valley Jazz Festival, October, 2010)

Hot Tomatoes w. Cami Thompson At Sun Valley Jazz Festival, October, 2010 (l ro r): Michael Weaver (Ten.Sax/Clar.), Gary Dempsey (keyboards), Kevin Billinger (trpt.), Ted Fulte (drums), Jack Fredericksen (Alsto Sax/Clar.), Cami Thompson (vocals), Charlie Smith (trpt.), Joe Lopez (bass), Dave Wiske (trom.), absent: Rich Maul (Alto Sax/Clar.)

Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, Denver

These sample cuts are from the METROPOLITAN JAZZ ORCHESTRA CD recorded 2010-2011 at Park Audio Studios in Arvada. CD purchases can be made through


You Don't Know What Love Is

Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, Denver

Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra Rhythm Section (l to r): Gary Dempsey (Keyboard), Alan Aluisi (Drums), Serena Eads (Guitar), Jason Malmberg (Bass)

Performances With The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra

(MP3 format: recorded 2/28/09 at the KUVO FM studios in Denver)

The Nearness Of You

This video of Carl Saunders performing MEAN TO ME with the Metropolitan Jazz Orch. was recorded November 6, 2010:

This video of Eric Marienthal performing BODY AND SOUL with the Metropolitan Jazz Orch. was recorded January 9, 2010:

This video of the Metropolitan Jazz Orch. performing YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS was recorded May 19, 2011:

This video of the Metropolitan Jazz Orch. performing MY ROMANCE was recorded on October 19, 2009 at Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver:

CHASED (A Bill Chase Tribute Band), Denver

CHASED (Bill Chase Tribute Jazz/Rock Ensemble) in 11/23/09 performance at Dazzle Jazz Club, Denver. Personnel (l ro r): Ron Bland (Bass), Gary Dempsey (Synthesizer), Mike Marlier (Drums), Tim Hurley (Guitar), Stuart Dameron (Vocals), Scott Handler (Trpt.), John Lake (Trpt.), Kelly Scollin (Trpt.), Jay Nakagawa (Trpt.)

CHASED in 7/10/10 performance at Performance Park in Estes Park. Personnel: (l to r): Tim Hurley (Guitar), Gary Dempsey (Synthesizer), Dave Weinand (Bass), Stuart Dameron (Vocals), Scott Handler (Trpt.), Mike Marlier (Drums), Jason Mabrey (Trpt.), Kevin Taque (Trpt.), John Lake (Trpt.)

This video of CHASED performing GET IT ON was recorded May 5, 2010 at Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver:

Jerrine Racek/John Mills Orch.


This sample cut is from the THE MUSIC OF BETTY NIEVEEN Vol. I CD featuring vocalist Jerrine Racek recorded June 26, 2010 at the UNC Recording Studios in Greeley:

You Don't Have To Tell Me

For samples of the entire CD and purchase information, be sure to visit:


Colordo Swing Big Band, Ft. Collins

This sample cut is from the COLORADO SWING BIG BAND CD recorded February 27, 2010 at UNC Recording Studios in Greeley (full information regarding CD purchase -- via -- and booking the band can be found at:

Satin Doll


Lenny Kaye Quartet, Denver

LENNY KAYE QUARTET (l to r): Lack LaForte (Tenor Sax), Dean Ross (Bass), Gary Dempsey (Piano), Lenny Kaye (Vocals), Jack McCutchan (Drums)

Performances With The Lenny Kaye Quartet

(MP3 format: recorded 5/20/09 at Vista Productions, Ltd. in Denver)

But Not For Me

I Get A Kick Out Of You

Kings of Swing Orch., Estes Park

KINGS OF SWING, Estes Park (l to r): Gary Dempsey (Piano), Chuck Varilek (Trombone), Ward Durrett (Drums), Julie Varilek (Vocals/Keyboard Bass), Nick Frazee (Tenor Sax), Loren Johnson (Trumpet)


A TOUCH OF JAZZ, Loveland (l ro r): Gary Dempsey (Piano), Wes Melander (Bass), Gil Garcia (Trumpet), Don Elwood (Drums)

MJO Recording Session, Denver

Stanley Hotel Wedding Reception, Estes Park

Synthesizer Recordings

Arrangements For and Performances On the Yamaha SY99 Synthesizer:

(MP3 format: recorded 1999 in Seattle)

Seattle Sizzle

She Was Too Good To Me


Lake City Express